Current as of September 18, 2016

For Shopify users, there are two sets of code that need to be installed – the 'theme script' and the 'checkout script'. The guide below will walk you through how to install them both.

Part 1: Installing the Theme Script

To install the theme script, first copy it from the integrations page in your Enlistly account.

Once you have the right code, go to your admin dashboard on Shopify by logging in here.

Listed in the options menu on the left-hand side, you will see the option for ‘Online Store.’

Once clicked, you will see a preview of your theme along with some options on the top right. You should see an option labeled with an ellipses that will reveal a dropdown menu. The goal here is to get to the ‘Edit HTML/CSS’ option.

This next step may vary depending on the theme that you have. The goal is to find the closing body 'tag', which looks like this: </body> . Once found, insert the code found in the 'Theme Script' section of this page right before it.


In the ‘Minimal’ theme, you would select the first option in the theme files list, titled ‘theme.liquid’.

Once the file is open, you can scroll the text all the way to the bottom, where the closing body and html 'tags' can be found.

Paste in the script as you see above and click the save button on the top right. Your website script will have successfully been installed. There is one more step, however, before integration is complete – there is a second set of code that must be specifically included on just your checkout page. The instructions are listed below.

Part 2: Installing the Checkout Script

This part is much simpler. First, find the checkout script on the integration page of your Enlistly account.

Once you have the right code, select 'Settings' in the options all the way on the left-hand side of the screen. If the leftmost menu is collapsed into icons, and you're not sure which is which, simply hover over them with your mouse until their names appear.

Then select the 'Checkout' option from the sub-menu that appears.

Scroll down the options until you find the 'Order Processing' section. At the bottom of this section, you'll find a content field labeled 'Additional Scripts'. Paste the checkout script into this field and hit save.

And you're done! Integration is complete.